I've tweaked most of my decks, and made several completely brand-new ones, so over the course of the next few days I'll be posting deck techs for each of them. The only one that's unchanged from the version currently on this site is Eosmon Yellow. I do have some thoughts on that one, below, but nothing I've committed to. I've also got some prognosticatory deck ideas fot BT9 and BT10.

One thing I did for every deck in which it'd fit is I added a pair of hybrids. Being able to close out a game by popping one onto a tamer for just 2 memory is just too good to pass up. In my heart of hearts I'd probably prefer that they just not exist - they feel rather anticlimatic I think and I'd rather use those for synergy - but as long as they're around you have to work real hard to justify not having them I think.

Eosmon Yellow

I played this on Thursday and boy was that game rough. Having to hardcast a 5-cost just to get on board was not fun. I also felt overloaded on level 3s. I'm considering cutting the non-Morphomon rookies and adding in something to let me cheat out cards more consistently. It's gonna need some thinking though.


This set will necessitate major edits for Green Insectoid, Cats and Angels, and Ouryumon X-Antibody, minor edits for Machinedramon Cyborg and Vee Armor, and a complete rework for Garurumon Hybrid. There're also a few pieces that might work for the Blitz deck. I don't think I see any new decks I want to build out of these parts though.


Out of here for new decks, I'll be considering a Xros Heart or Blue Flare deck and will almost certainly try to build Canoweissmon. For existing decks, Sakuyamon Plug-Ins will see a large rework and Myotismon Retaliation may see a few adds.