This page is a place for me to collect the output of personal projects that I feel like sharing.


For a long time, I've wanted a clean set of MND cards and a Magic Set Editor template I could use to design new cards. I still have ambitions to make a brand-new frame and test some rules tweaks, but for now the ability to make clean facsimiles and custom cards is enough.

• Magi-Nation MSE Template
• Official MND Cards


Dreamblade is another game I played that I later committed to collecting, and in support of running Sealed games I wrote a Python Sealed pool generator. It's built to respect the limits of my own collection, but wouldn't take much tweaking for one with different numbers than mine.

• Dreamblade Sealed Generator


I got the Android board game a while ago, and unfortunately it doesn't see the table much despite being a positively beautiful game. Several years ago I wrote a solo variant so it might see more table time; I've been meaning to refine it, but here's the current version.

• Android: Hard-Boiled Loner