I'm Will Thibault; by trade I'm a network engineer, though I tend to think of myself more in terms of my hobbies. I'm a dungeon master, a game collector, an amateur web developer, and a miniature painter, to varying degrees of skill. My wife and I live in Illinois with our twin boys and our three cats.


The best means to contact me is via email.


My initials are WJT, so I often use "Widget" as a username. Unfortunately, most variations of domain names based on "widget" were taken, so I had to get creative.

The title of the site - /'wɪdʒ.ɪt/ - is the IPA spelling of "widget".

This Site

This site is a custom-built content management system built to support personal microblogging or to maintain a small web presence. I made use of several code libraries in developing this sites, credited below;

Library Function
flatpickr Javascript datepicker
jscolor Javascript color picker
ReplyBox Lightweight commenting service
SimpleMDE Markdown WYSIWYG editor
Showdown Javascript markdown-HTML converter
StreamlineIcons Icon Library
ZeroSSL Certificate Authority