This is an inspiration tool for use with solo role-playing games called an oracle. Clicking on one of the below buttons will generate a random statement, which can then be interpreted in the context of the in-game situation to answer a question. Color Identity generates a list of one to three Colors from Magic: the Gathering, which can be used as a characterization tool. Lens generates a verb-noun phrase. NPC generates a Color Identity, an adjective, and a character noun to suggest an individual.

This tool is named Apophis for a couple of reasons; the phenomenon that oracles like this one leverage is called apophenia, the tendency of humans to draw connections between unrelated things. This is a very powerful tool for inspiring direction in fiction. Additionally, Apophis was an Egyptian serpent-god of chaos, and I felt the name appropriate given both how close it sounded to apophenia and due to how it uses randomness.

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