Last weekend I was able to play several games of Digimon with my brothers, so I identified a couple places I could refine my decks.

Blurple Memory

This deck had the largest adjustment. Now it's Purple Rookies instead of Blurple Memory. The memory focus made closing games harder, and 8x Hammer Spark just was not playing out like I wanted. I upped the Rookie and Champion counts for consistency, replaced Tsukaimon and it's on-deletion inheritable with Gabumon and its attack trigger inheritable, switched to Anubismon for more consistent access to Rush, and replaced WereGarurumon with BlackWarGrowlmon (nearly identical, and strictly better if I don't have to hardcast it). I wanted to fit Devimon ST6-08 in there somewhere, but it's hard to cut any of the other Champions and I don't need 16 in the deck.


This one was pretty easy. Tai's good but Arata directly helps the deck's gameplan, and in memory terms their impact is pretty similar.

Shine Yellow Tamer Party

This one was also easy. Digivolving ShineGreymon never felt good, so a quick swap off of Chaosmon to bring the blocker to a playset was a no-brainer. Also my extra set of Seven Heavens came in. I might want to give Purge Shine another chance, but Seven Heavens is basically a Gaia Force, particularly in this deck.

Taiga Tyrannomon

I actually made these edits before the weekend, though I didn't play the deck much. I cut my blockers (blockers vs. synergy strikes again) and the Volcanicdramons (which were more of a tech piece) in favor of increasing my Rookie count.

I anticipate more edits when Classic Collection comes out - I might reduce the number of Green Tyrannomon, Green Agumon, and maybe the Options to make space for the new multicolor Tyrannomon and perhaps a third Rusty.