Got our BT8 preorder in today, and it was a decent pull. Also got the starters plus the entire rest of the set ordered. I considered getting some other expensive cards that have fallen in price, but I think I'm gonna have to hold on those a bit longer - we're still talking $10-20 cards in playsets. Hopefully their prices will continue downward; maybe rotation will finally hit and some of these will be affordable.

Gotta think about what needs updating. I think this is the shortlist;

There are a couple other neat bits or buildarounds that might be worth investigating, and Veemon Armor looks like it could be fun. Several of the Veemons are tied up in Blue/Green Imperialdramon though.

Next set on the horizon is EX2, which we have to get because it's Tamers themed. After that I'm mildly interested in BT9 - X-Antibody plus the remaining Armor digivolves that didn't fit here. I might have to be much more conservative post-EX2, though, if only because childcare eats up so much of our budget. Hopefully my wife will be moving up the ladder at her job, and it sure would be nice for me to get a cost-of-living raise…

In other news, lots of Jurassic Park things happening. Dr. Sattler vs. T Rex finally shipped, and there've been reports of copies of the JWMG in the wild, in Europe at least. Hopefully that'll come here soon too. That'll be fun to review, but I'd like to trick it out with some tokens and sleeves, and I already covered finances.

I'm hoping we hear more about MonPoc soon too.