I spent some time updating my decks, in light of BT6, EX1, and some of the promos I've gotten. I haven't had a chance to test these (or Eosmon) yet; I hope to be able to soon. As a reminder, most of these decks already saw some modifications from their original listings.

Taiga Tyrannomon

I've been waiting for the EX1 Tyrannomon for a long time. Here I replaced Biyomon, Guilmon, and Palmon with a fourth green Agumon and the EX1 and ST7 Agumons. The latter is an experiment; if it doesn't bear out I'll be going back to a more general attack trigger inheritable. The former is so that I have something to digivolve into the two Green Lv. 4 Tyrannomon I still have, and they also work for the new EX1 Tyrannomon.

After BT8's release, there will be a Red/Green MasterTyrannomon. That will replace the Green MetalTyrannomon I'm using, and I'll also be able to cut the green Agumon (probably to add Guilmon back) and Tyrannomon. That might give me enough room for a fourth copy each of Gaia Force and Flower Cannon.

Vee Jamming

So this is basically a new deck now. I had way too many Tamers in the last version; I decided instead to focus on the Imperialdramon line and the synergy that has. Notably this includes nothing from ST8; I think I have enough slush left over that I could build another Veedramon-focused deck, actually. Lots of that stuff actually supports the Jamming gameplan of this deck, but the Level 6 stuff benefits from the Free attribute, digimon named Paildramon or Dinobeemon, and from being able to digivolve from Green sources.

I struggled with exactly which and how many Imperialdramons to run. I went with 3 each of the blues; I kinda prefer the BT3 one, so I might push to 4/2. I also have Imperialdramon Dragon Mode BT3-111, but it seems to have a less impactful effect than the blue one and it nonbos with the BT3 Paildramon inheritable.

This deck has a lot of incoming support, in the form of ST9 in particular. That'll be fun to incorporate. There's also a bunch of Armor support for Veemon coming in BT8; that's a separate deck idea, but it looks neat. Although maybe I'll try and build a Hawkmon theme deck instead, to go with my playmats.

Shine Yellow Tamer Party

The changes here are pretty straightforward; upgrade one set of Yellow tamers for another, and one Yellow spot removal option for another. Wyvern's Breath is only nominally more expensive than Seven Heavens and is more likely to result in a deletion.

I'm still thinking about Patamon ST3-04, Labramon BT1-049, and Tokomon ST3-01 . They might have a place in the deck for DP Kill payoffs. Need to noodle on what they'd replace though.

Green Digi-Burst

This one was fairly simple. Got the promo Palmon so I replaced the Argomon with that for better synergy, and I cut Rafflessimon for a pair of Mimis. The latter was done because Mimi and Yoshino together mean you can recycle digi-eggs really efficiently.


I was very excited for EX1 primarily for the modifications to this deck, though it turned out to be harder than I anticipated. First, the easy stuff; I switched Tsumemons, hopefully to help with card flow, and I switched ToyAgumon for the EX1 Keramon. BT2 Infermon for EX1 Infermon was fairly easy too, though maybe since this deck is so focused on getting level 6s out it'd be worthwhile to try and fit them back in. I replaced Shademon with the EX1 Kurisarimon, but I'm not certain on this one. Blockers are good. Speaking of which, I switched out the memory-setter Tai for the new Diaboromon. I'm not certain of the ratios here; maybe I'll switch one or two BT5s for EX1s if testing suggests I need an easier time finding Blockers.

Purple Rookies

Fake Agumon Expert to Elecmon was just to get a more impactful On Deletion into the deck; Gabumon to Tapirmon got another "when one of your other digimon is deleted" effects in the deck. Better synergy than Gabumon. I ended up switching the BT2 Devimon for the ST6 one because the Retaliation playstyle wasn't paying off the way I wanted. Another deck using EX1 cards to really leverage Retaliation could be fun, though. Then I traded the memory-setter Matts and an Anubismon for ChaosGallantmon, since both its abilities support the deck's gameplan.

Other Deck Ideas

In BT8 there's an Alphamon build that focuses on adding cards to digivolve sources. A dedicated Omnimon deck could also be fun, or perhaps a red Shoutmon Blitz build. I already mentioned Blue Ulforce, Purple Retaliation, and Vee Armor as possible directions to go. Black/Red Cyborgs or RagnaLaordmon seems neat. I'm sure there are some other build-around deck ideas I haven't touched on yet that are worth investigating, but often what I actually want to build out of a given set doesn't really crystalize until I have the cards in hand. I'm just gonna have to noodle on this one a bit longer.