Got BT10 in last weekend, pretty happy with the results. The set is blessedly pretty cheap compared to BT9, in terms of singles. Didn't even break $90 on the slush-buy, and that with accidentally overbuying the MetalGreymon this set. A lot of expensive promos have dropped in price, too - Sunarizamon under $10! - but I'm holding off for now.

Deck updates will be nice, particularly for the Sakuyamon Plug-In deck. Also have touch-ups for Bugs and Cyborgs. As for new decks, I like the look of Blue Flare and Bagra Army, but for now I'm just building out Canoweissmon. Gonna add Kimeramon and one of the early WarGreymons - probably BT1 since it protects from Options. My brother might build out a proper RagnaLoardmon deck, too, which looks fun.

EX3 is hitting next month. Love me some dragons, and there's a great piece for Cyborgs.

We played Dinogenics this weekend when that brother visited, and let me tell you I had a lot of fun. I was afraid it had too much going on but it played really well. Hoping to hit a higher player count at Thanksgiving.

Bought some Mage Wars this weekend for real cheap, so I've decided to fill out the core 4 for both Arena and Academy. Working out what I ought to consider a "complete" collection has been fun, it'll be easier with the cards layed out in front of me. Going for a "complete experience" as opposed to "complete collection" thing here, if that makes sense. Never played much of it before but I love tactical and card games, pretty hard to say "no" to mixing that peanut butter with this chocolate. I may branch out to add the Druid vs Necromancer stuff, but that strongly depends on the final collection layout I settle on - if I need doubles, those get too costly very quickly, even at the steep discounts I'm finding online.

I ordered a Berserk Fury Zoid earlier this year, and it finally shipped, two months later than it really ought to have. That'll be a fun build, eventually. I really ought to plan out a couple nights on biweekly schedules so I touch my various hobby projects and play my verious games reasonably often. Hopefully as the boys get older actually pulling that off gets easier.