I recently ordered the remaining in-print Academy stuff I didn't have; two copies each of Druid, Elementalist, Monk, and Necromancer. The package arrived today and of course it's only a single copy of each. I've messaged Arcane Wonders, hopefully I'll get this addressed quickly. It's not as if I'm playing any time soon but it's still disappointing that I have to wait even longer.

Our tax return came in really quickly this year. I'm using most of my share on debt, but I did buy some computer monitors, a docking station, and attendant accessories. I'm finally going to have my perfect desk setup; plenty of screen real-estate, a clear desktop, and a quick and easy way to switch between my work and personal computers without moving a ton of cables around.

Looking forward, I'm hoping to be able to get BT11 at or near release, and I might want to get printed copies of the Academy Forcemaster and Warlord. Not committing to either, though; Joc and I are trying to hold each other responsible for nonessential purchases, so both will require a talk first. Of the two I'm more focused on Digimon.

In other games, my hobby focus for the foreseeable future is going to be on finalizing my Pathfinder house rules document, so I can move on to transcribing my Iron Gods game and actually play it for once. I'm incorporating a lot of third-party Akashic material, and a good chunk of it is revisions to Akashic Mysteries itself. Consequently I've decided to just lift over most of the book and collect it as "Ultimate Akashic", in the same vein as Dreamscarred's Ultimate Psionics. Particularly, this'll let me rename the base classes and scrub off AM's ill-advised layer of orientalist paint. I might even release it as a PWYW on DriveThru. I'm not quite solid on that yet, though. Most of it would be reprinted rules from other works, which seems rude even if permissible by OGL. For another, I'd be taking a heavy editorial hand to that content, modifying or cutting things I don't like - whether because I think they're thematically incoherent, redundant, poorly written, or excessively overdesigned. It might be Ultimate Akashic at my table, but that title might come across as a bit pretentious in the wider community. Also, putting in the work to catalog my changes and get Section 15 properly filled out doesn't seem especially rewarding. We'll see.