Got BT9 opened last night and made my customary finishing order. No SECs and I didn't buy any - they're sitting at ~$30 each, so that's what, $250 for eight cards? No thanks. I did finish out the promo Gammamons and Hiros, though, in anticipation of getting BT10 and building Canoweissmon.

What I'm really disappointed about price-wise is the promo Okuwamon from the Update Pack included with each box. That's running $25 and it'd be perfect for my Insectoids deck, but I just cannot justify that price point.

I'm bringing alt-arts with me this Thursday to try and trade for some EX2 AAs for Joc's Renamon deck, maybe someone'll have Okuwamons for trade.

This set has pieces for Shoutmon Blitz, Armor, Garurumon, Cats & Angels, Insects, Alphamon, and Machinedramon. Gonna take a look at each later, see if I can't expand them out. I am missing some of the pieces I'd want to use, but it's a start. I also really like Gaiomon, might try and slap together a BlackWarGreymon deck.