Vee Jamming

Digi-Eggs (4)

Digimon (36)

Tamers (10)

Options (4)

This deck is built to leverage Tai and Rina's suspend effects and a buch of unsuspend tricks to attack hard and fast. It heavily uses Jamming to help attackers survive Security Checks so they can get to the unsuspending part.

I'm not certain 10 tamers is the right number for the deck - it's the same as my Shine Yellow deck - but it seems like an alright place to start. Davis is the least important, and I could see cutting some of the Rinas.

V-Nova Blast doesn't feel great as an include, but it can let me safely attack to set up an unsuspend, and I can imagine it being useful with the Imperialdramon. 4-of may be too many though even if it's worth including.

There are a number of upcoming product that will help to refine this - the Classic Collection and ST8 both have Veemon-line cards that will slot right into this deck.