I had a little extra cash from Christmas, which I used to buy a TCGPlayer gift card; there was a 20% back deal going on, so that translated to enough to fill out BT14 and a good chunk of the movie promos. A ton of those are skyrocketing in price now, though; hopefully they're rereleased or interest wanes, because $90 for a playset of one promo card is ridiculous. On the good news end, our BBs of BT14 were excellent - we pulled the Gold Imperialdramon Paladin Mode and an Alt Art Secret Rare, which I've already sold and will together bankroll a box or two of EX5.

I now have all the models I wanted for Hellboy, but two things about it are giving me mild hobby anxiety. First, I have extra large models (Giant Frog Monster and Kriegaffe) which I have not found a satisfactory storage method for. I'm sure I'll think of something but it's been bothering me. Second is the game's target priority system; options include color-coded base clips, busts of the characters, and portrait tokens. Each has issues: I don't really like the look of the color-coded bits; there aren't busts for all of the characters; and portrait tokens requires me to locate high-enough quality images of each character. I briefly considered using duplicate character models for those that don't have busts, but there are several for which I don't have that and sourcing them would be difficult as they're largely KS exclusives. I'll probably do the portrait option but it'll take some work, so I suppose for now I'm defaulting to the base clips and/or busts if available.

Other than that, I have my endless litany of hanging personal projects occupying my mind: RPG game prep, both for solo and group, including preparation of a Foundry instance; Digimon deck updates; collectibles sales; heartbreaker manuscript writing; solo board and video games; hobbycrafting; and comic-reading. Doesn't seem like so much when I list it out in general terms like that, but time never seems to be on my side.