We got some new artwork from Jack Clark, so I ordered some more playmats. This time we included overlays for the card game - two with custom work, and two with the standard options Inked provides.

Aquilamon and Repamon Plesiomon and ExVeemon

The Aquilamon and Repamon ones are for me and my wife, respectively. The other two are for some friends of ours. I did notice a few minor graphical mistakes I made in preparing the ones for my wife and me - the "Player 2" banner has a vertical line in the former and an extra shadow on the latter. I may order a fixed replacement for mine in the future if I make another order from Inked - I have some discounts that could help to offset it - but it's subtle enough that I can ignore it otherwise.

I also got some custom dashboards for Godtear that I designed, but those need to be cut out yet.