Cutting back on purchases has turned out to be a bit of a pipe dream - I have several new board games, got RB1 completely collected, and even went after BT14's box topper promos. Currently watching BT14 booster box prices, because I have some TCGPlayer store credit that will be good for offsetting the cost a bit, but I still have a price ceiling I've set for myself. I anticipate struggling with EX5 too, because it has a lot of pieces I'm going to want for new or modified decks. At least EX sets tend to fall off pricewise pretty quickly.

I managed to finally find some decent artwork of Goldramon's attacks, Amon and Umon. Once I can get a decent Gyukimon picture - maybe the official art on a blurred background, or a still from Ghost Game - I'll make some tokens.

I am also considering a second copy of the Hellboy Big Box of Doom, but I won't go higher than $100 for it. Primarily want extra copies of a handful of models, and Mantic seems unlikely to release those in their own kit. Haven't had luck with part sellers or BGG trades, either. Probably just gotta stick this one out until I can find a deal.

Outside of the above collection stuff, what's been eating up most of my personal brainspace is projects. Off the top of my head, I want to:

Long and short there'd be a lot on my plate if I were a bachelor-hermit, and I am not one of those - I have a wife, kids, and a job.

Speaking of which, this autumn has been weird. On-and-off minor illnesses, Joc busy with classwork, difficulty focusing on my job, and very high-maintenance children have combined to make it hard to focus on housecleaning, let alone all the above hobby nonsense. The boys in particular have been a drain, as they're right in the danger zone, able to get themselves into trouble but not out of it, cognizent of the idea of potty training without having nailed it in, able to sleep on their own but also capable of getting out of bed if they wake and realize I'm not there. I know that I'm going to be dealing with childcare responsibilities for a long, long time, but I will be glad when that's mostly cleaning up after them, making them clean up after themselves, and feeding them, not spending every available second following them around.

Who am I kidding, I won't be productive then either, but at least I won't also be exhausted.