Well, I went ahead and ordered that second Box of Doom. Should be here soonish. I'm keeping two of each non-unique minion, and I'll need to review some of the cards to see if keeping a second Hammerhead is worth it. For the rest I'm going to part it out, maybe give a couple pieces to one of my brothers.

I really need to get my spending under control now, though, so I'm going to cut one of my cards from digital payment services and set a personal allowance. I can probably afford a couple hundred a month toward that stuff, and that should be plenty to save for Digimon sets and get the occasional FMA or Hellboy graphic novel; those are the hanging collections I really want to focus on.

Honestly I'm spending so much for two reasons; first, I'm finally in a position in my life to close out various collections that once felt so out of reach, things I felt I missed the boat on due to being a teenager with limited finances. It's been nice, although in most of those cases I don't really have anyone to enjoy it with me. The second is that I'm absolutely blasted for personal time, and collection doesn't actually take a bunch of that - the most time-consuming part is collation on receipt, which is an evening's work at most usually. Hopefully with the boys growing and me collecting a bit less I can focus on that list of projects from my last post. Between various acquisitions I have a lot of unused entertainment value I could extract.

Another personal project I'm considering is some furniture shuffling. Joc and I are considering moving our bed into the boys' room - one of us sleeps in there most nights to begin with, and that could make extra space in what is currently our bedroom so Jocelyn can have an office. And I'd benefit by having slightly more elbow room in my basement office. I need to think about where to hang my art, though, and I anticipate maybe needing more frames or shelving for display pieces…