I've begun reading the second Dinotopia book. It comes with a few more questions - Crabbe has apparently become a salvager and no longer works Volcaneum, for example, and submarines are evidently more common than the first book had seemed to indicate. Did Arthur make the one he escaped with, find and repair it, or what?

Dinotopia is large, but between the extended longevity of folks on the island and all the kids shown, I wonder about the birth rate. Not to mention all the megafauna!

I'm also not as big a fan of how the story is delivered. The first book was done as a journal, but this is just light prose. It comes of more stilted as a result I think, and abandons the conceit that Gurney found the journals.

I suspect I'll find out more specifically as the story proceeds, but there's a picture of a "beacon sunstone". These look like the signal quartz from the first book. Why then were folks so surprised to find a sunstone? Maybe power sunstones are unknown now, but surely the beacon sort aren't.