Jocelyn and I are hoping to try to get a house again next year, but that means we're going to need to tighten our belts - the mixture of rising food prices and rent, a hot summer, and childcare have not been kind to our bottom line, and we've both been a bit profligate with our personal spending. I'm thinking I'm going to have to cut out at-release Digimon purchases, as they're easily my largest recurring leisure purchase. Maybe we'll do RB-01 - That seems like a reasonable break point - but either way, at least year-old DTCG product isn't absolutely impossible to find for reasonable prices.

Honestly, I've already been trying to cut down on hobby purchases, to varying degrees of success. I certainly have enough I could spend time on instead of focusing on collecting. Collecting is just so much easier on a constricted time budget, and with the twins constricted is a bit of an understatement.