It's weird, the sorts of things you develop "tribal" attachments to. I have to be very careful about the D&D communities I read content from, for example. Not because of anything suspect anyone is doing in them, or any problem with the game itself; no, I have very strong opinions about the game and its history and react viscerally when I read something I disagree with. Intellectually, I know it's strange to choose that as the the thing I hang my identity on, but that won't stop it from accidentally ruining my mood out of the blue because someone mischaracterized an out-of-print edition.

Anyways, in other news Digimon 1.5 released, and since it's smaller than 1.0 it was much easier to get playsets up. Later sets will be even smaller, so the ease with which this one came together seems promising. Looking forward to getting in on the second set of starters.