Custom Memory Gauge

To go along with the custom playmats I got a few months ago, I made a custom memory gauge. This is themed after an LCD screen, like what might be used on a Digivice toy. I even put in that little drop shadow you get when the screen is forelit.

In about a week 1.5 drops. I wish I had been able to preorder stuff, but a noontime gamestore expedition sounds fun. 1.0 is coming along nicely though - we're only missing three non-alts, and they're some of the more expensive pieces. Hopefully time and an evolving meta let their prices sink a bit.

Experientially, it doesn't feel like I've had all that much time time for hobby stuff; work and the boys and life in general just take up a lot of time, and the monument to my hubris that is my paint queue is undented. Even so, I've gotten a lot done - well-developed collections of my favorite games plus several now-complete major hobby projects that have lain fallow for literal years would certainly leave teenager-me impressed.I'll always wish I had more hobby time, but I'm not doing bad in retrospect.