Themed memory tokens for use with the Digimon Card Game

One of my favorite things to do with any game is to collect game aids, and for the Digimon Card Game that means deck-specific memory tokens. Luckily there are a lot of Digimon trinkets that would work well for this purpose.

Digimon Figures

First off are small digimon toys. My wife already had a lot of these, and I've bought a couple more for thematic matches.

» Tyrannomon: As the poster-monster for my Taiga Tyrannomon deck, I had to have one of these.

» DemiVeemon: I also have a Veemon model, but I like to use my deck's Level 2 when they're available. This one's obviously for Vee Jamming.

» Koromon: As with DemiVeemon, this digimon is the L2 for its deck - Shine Yellow Tamer Party.

» Upamon: Another L2, this time for Yellow Pillowfight.

» Lalamon: For Green Digi-Burst I originally wanted Yokomon, but that toy is more expensive than I'd like to commit to. Luckily we had a Lalamon toy, and that's a relatively prominent Rookie in this deck.

» Kuramon: This one's a Baby (Level 1) digimon, so it's not actually represented by a card, but it's part of the Diaboromon line and therefore great for Diaboromon.dec.

» Gigimon: is the Level 2 for my Purple Rookies deck. I had to repair this model because the tail was damaged, so this one is mostly hand-painted.

Other Tokens

» Holy Ring: My wife has had a necklace with a Holy Ring on it for a long time; it's the first thing that occurred to us to use as a Memory Token. It works really well for Yellow decks.

» Tamer's Evolution Box Marker: The Tamer's Evolution Box contained a Memory track and a small acrylic marker to use with it.

» Acrylic Digivices: I got these markers on Etsy. There's a Digivice from the 2020 reboot, which seemed apropriate since that's where most tamer art comes from in the game; I got myself a red D-3 because that matches Hawkmon which is my favorite, and for my wife I got a blue D-Power because it's the one that matches her favorite, Renamon. She's also a fan of Season 7 (Appli Monsters) so I got an App Drive token too.

» Dice: The Digimon Card Game doesn't actually use dice, but I like them for deciding first player. I got two blue ones with the Blue Card symbol, plus a yellow one with a taijitu (a reference to Renamon) for my wife.