Yellow Pillowfight

Digi-Eggs (4)

Digimon (44)

Tamers (2)

Options (4)

My wife really likes the Renamon line, so this deck was built to take advantage of that line's Inherited Effect. Specifically, it reduces the opposing side's Security Digimons' DPs during your turn. With enough active that's like teamwide Jamming. To take advantage of that, the deck also runs several Yellow Rookie Rush pieces, most notably Magnadramon, Angewomon, and Petermon. There's also some incidental Recovery and Security Attack penalties. The ideal play loop has you blunting your opponent's attacks while throwing tons of rookies at their Security. In a way this is very similar to the Blurple deck, except that the means this uses to protect your gameplan is to make it so their board is less effective instead of making it so they can't profitably play cards.